About MutualFA

Mutual Financial Analysts (MFA) is a dynamic business process outsourcing call centre. Strategically locating itself as a global player within in Western Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces of the Republic of South Africa.

The visionary seed, first planted by its founder in 2008, whom originated from humble beginnings with a handful of staff in a small office has now sprouted to a complement of just under 200 members located in two national offices. Our current capabilities of speaking over 5 different languages, equipped with state of the art infrastructure, 1st world strategic management involvement has levelled the playing fields to make MFA an international player in the BPO arena and will soon bring to fruition its medium term goal of housing 2000 call centre seats operating at optimum efficiency.

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Our Services

Inbound Call Management

We offer the Processing of all inbound call volumes as per our client’s script and service level requirements.

Outbound Call Sales

We offer our sales engine services to market our clients specific products or services as per the agreed service level agreement

Inbound & Outbound Data clearing

Based on your needs we can clean up your data whether inbound, outbound or both.

Foreign Language Communications and Translations

Inter-continental services is becoming ever present in the workplace. MFA offers diverse Foreign Language communications and translations.

Targeted Data Supply and Data Provision Management.

What’s makes us a formidable business process centre is our ability to source and supply targeted data for our clients for their specific needs.


Order management

Our well managed in-house administration departments allows for smooth transitioning of order management processing.

Receivables Collections

Growing business have an ever growing list of debtors, our dedicated staff delivers a powerful counter-blow by decreasing your debtors list.


Returns/Refunds processing

Attention to detail along with diligent administrative business practices, MFA ensures efficiency of delivered services and goods.

Diverse tailored Customer Services

Priding ourselves in overcoming any challenge, MFA will go above and beyond to tailor make a customer service to suit your ever changing needs.


Product Service Information Requirement

MFA delivers reliably on your product service and/or information requirements regardless of the product or service.

Schedule Related Enquiries

Our state of the art CRM system can be programmed to schedule reminders, amendments, enhancements of any nature specific to our client’s needs.


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