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Encompassing the belief that although our clients are of utmost importance to us, we realise that our employees are at the heart of MFA’s foundation so to an integral resource to realize the vision of MFA’s expansion.

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A person to person enterprise will not survive in a work hard only business environment. MFA strives to balance the mind of its employees by encompassing a ‘Work-Hard-Play-Hard’ corporate ethic.

To achieve our vision of 2000 seated call centre striking this balance is essential and so becomes character specific when we recruit new like-minded individuals to join our ever-growing family.

We are forever seeking ambitious, determined, fun yet hardworking people and if you believe that you would make a valuable contribution to MFA, we request of you to first attempt completing your 1st pre-employment assignment below.

"I can run but I can't walk, a mouth but I can't talk, a head but I can't think, a bed but I can't sleep. Who am I?"

Should you be able to solve this riddle or Crack this code, you will automatically become eligible to attend your first interview with us. Send your CV to

Address: 9th Floor, The Towers, Hertzog Blvd, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001
Phone: +27 21 565 0416